Friday, September 26, 2014

OP157. Abstinence my ass

When young girls take the Bible's words literally
They take vows of chastity, bitterly
But they locate a loophole
Pushing pricks through their poop hole
Though they'll never take any cock clitorally.

Abstinence programs encourage girls to take a pledge that they won't have sex before marriage.  Many of these girls try to get around it by rationalizing that it only counts if it's in the vagina.  So oral and anal are okay...  I'm sick of all this religious pseudo-sex-ed.

1 comment:

  1. Great rhymes and footnoted explanation, David; I was not aware of this sociological practice. (Now I will get silly, as is my wont.)

    These girls must be using an original Greek translation of the Bible for their back-door approach to "abstinence" since they seem to be all koine-holy about it. (This lascivious discussion should be of prurient interest, 'cept to a gent.)