Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1311. Future fodder

I've recently exchanged emails with a gentleman I 'found' at A Word A Day.  In response to AWAD's having featured 'Shakespearean characters who've become words' all last week, he sent them this clever note:

   "My other attorney is a Portia" would make a good (or, at any rate, interesting) bumper sticker.

I emailed him my praise and congratulations and mentioned my blog.  He replied that he was "a transplanted Brit from Connecticut", then wondered what 2nd line might go well with that...  Here's how I obliged him (and there's no truth at all in line 5):

A transplanted Brit from Connecticut
Responds to his emails with ecticut
But something is rotten
At home up near Groton,
He can't tell a noun from a precticut.

The fodder in my title refers to the several unusual place names from the UK which he also sent me.  My first limerick using one of them will appear tomorrow.  Thanks, Richard!

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