Sunday, April 6, 2014

1294. So why the slang name?

A rooster could not be deterred
From trying to bugger a bird
He slipped his long lizard
Clear up to its gizzard...
Wait!  Cocks don't have dicks -- how absurd!

Feel free to chant a clear "Booooo!" for this one.


  1. That limerick belongs under a cloaca of secrecy.

    But if I laugh any harder at your play on chanticleer, alouette my pants.

  2. Thanks, Okie. Cloaca secrecy, indeed! Bet you can't find a true rhyme for that word...

    As you know, I don't do these for a lark so am always glad when you pluckers applaud my fowl attempts at humor. Feathermore, the future would look beak without any readers/commenters.