Monday, April 14, 2014

1302. Conservative lass

There once was a woman from Pest
Who possessed only one tiny breast.
No left, just a right
Still, her pussy was tight
So no guy gave a damn 'bout her chest.


  1. Danube, Mr. Limericist, for forgetting about your previous poetic placement of Pest! (It may well be included already among your 1300 lisztings.) I repeat it here:

    There once was a Magyar from Pest
    Who delighted in chewing on breast.
    . But a young maid from Buda
    . With teeth like a 'cuda
    Bit back, and the lad detumesced!

    That last word, if it did not send you scrambling for a dictionary, should have left you rolling in the floor.

    And, yes, you pronunciation mavens, we realize that Pest has been anglicized, -- that it should be said as "pesched" -- but that sounds fishy to moi.

  2. It is true, the Magyar DID appear -- way back on October 19. 2011 as #278. Now, I could have let my one-boobed lass hail from Brest, but then I'd have had a homophone rhyme.

    If you want, I'll change line 1 to read

    There once was a gal from Trieste...

    However, then I'd have to wop you up side of the head for pestering me.