Thursday, April 3, 2014

1291. Johnson & johnson

What a fucker was Justice Abe Fortas!
His wife loved his dick in her mortise.
The reason, of course,
He was hung like a horse

And could last past the life of a tortoise.
LBJ appointed Fortas to the Supreme Court in 1965.  Fortas resigned in 1969 under the threat of impeachment.


  1. I suppose you were in-tenon for us to look up "mortise."

  2. And my plan worked, didn't it? ;-)
    I'm always glad when your comments arrive over my router.

  3. It was Slot A trouble Tab B figuring out your excellent double meaning of "router." If I were Justice Fortas (well, I'd be dead...) I would russell up an ohl-fashioned P-N junction against your techie puns.