Friday, September 13, 2013

OP124. Pasta sauce soon to follow

Prego, perhaps?

There once was a couple named Sweeney
He licked clit while she sucked on his weenie

And her crabs, they joined hands
And made sixty-nine strands
You could say it was cunnilinguini.


  1. Excellent work, Dave, but based on the way the Sweeneys have sex, I doubt "Prego" will be the sauce brand. I'm guessing she will remain on the Rag(ewwww)u...

    Great to see you posting a lot again. Keep 'em coming!

    p.s. In line 4, I think "... sixty nine strands" would have been funnier. Regardless, "cunnilinguini" is hilarious!

  2. Perhaps. I'll make that edit now.

    I only included the weenie bit because I needed a rhyme, but since it's there I may as well pull it together, like her crabs. If they're doing 69 I might as well use it. Thanks.