Monday, September 2, 2013

OP119-121. Crass? Well, maybe just a bit

Robin, my gay friend from San Fran, could put us all to shame were he to become a regular poster here.  He has left many clever comments in the past, signed "Amanda B. Reckonedwith", "Helena Handbasket", etc.  Here's a sample of his poetic talent, just received via email:

I really don't mean to be crass
In telling you of the hot ass
On this young stud named Bud
Who was pulling my pud.
'Twas awesome, what then came to pass:

At first he backed onto my dick,
Until I lost sight of that prick!
He wiggled away
Through the night.  And next day,
The thing REALLY started to click!

My cock finally quit young Bud's ass.
We'd fucked till we ran out of gas!
(I'd tell you some more
Of this awesome boy-whore,
But I've said I don't mean to be crass.)

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