Friday, September 20, 2013

1140. Can't uranium in rather than killing 'em?

A chemistry prof (judge and jury)
Had students who brought him to fury.
Took them off to the stadium
And killed 'em with radium
In honor of Madame M. Curie.


  1. The prof would probably just boron in his classes.

    And now the copper will cesium. He'll be lead into jail where he'll repeatedly sulfur getting his arsenicked.

  2. Here's a possible conversation between another prisoner and our chem. prof (who sodium will never die):

    "You sili con, why are you carbon the number of days left to serve on your cell wall? And those students you killed -- why did you barium in the stadium? Now no one will take a neon the football field."

    "It's none of your bismuth."

    "Well, it's a f'argon conclusion that you'll never be released unless there's a radon the warden's office. You will zinc into oblivion."

    "Yes, hard to escape... all these steel bars. How iron-ic."

    Ed. note: By this time, pun-haters can hardly stannous.