Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There is a poor man of Korea
Who's stricken with gross diarrhea.
So much has he pooted,
The seas are polluted
From Juneau to north Eritrea.

(and what's more, it has left his Asmara'd)


  1. Hey, this is really good. But how many persons are going to catch the reference to Asmara as capital of Eritrea? Would even the blogmeister, the Limericist himself "get it"? I doubt it (Actually, I know it!!--sorry Mr. Limericist) Nor did I--had to go looking up things. But the limerick is classic.

  2. First of all, thanks to The Limericist for underlaying a background to the title line so YELLOW can be seen. Next, Boulderite is too kind to apply the term "classic" to describe my opus. I will concur that it is "perfect" with regard to its foot length and metrical accentuation (the proper names for which are among the "Things You Should Have Learned in School, Had You Been Paying Attention," which I wasn't). Just wait until Valentine's Day; I have one that breaks a cardinal rule (or at least a bishop rule) of limerick construction.

  3. Like boulderite, I don't think Asmara'd does much for your post. What's worse, I don't get the pun (but I'm sure it's in there somewhere...) Is "Asmara'd" a play on "ass smeared"?

  4. "Ass marred" in the sense of blemished was my intent. I had consulted a globe for inspiration to concoct a stressed syllable to use in front of "Eritrea." Its coastline jutting NNW along the Red Sea led me to insert "north." When I saw its capital star of Asmara, I was overcome by the urge to pun on it. And, not unlike The Limericist (who does such a good job of it), I took an opportunity to educate the curious reader.