Saturday, December 24, 2011

446-448. Irish you a Merry Christmas

There once was a man named McGruder,
Who couldn't have been any cruder.
He found a young lass
With a beautiful ass,
And after he wud'er, he scrud'er.

There once was a man named McGregor,
Whose wife was about six months pregger.
With her belly so big,
Old McGregor, that pig,
Came in from the backside to peg 'er.

Here's one 'bout a slut named McGeorge,
With a pussy as hot as a forge.
She took on all men
Who wanted to sin,
And could make even old guys engorge.

Thanks to "Boulderite's" 2nd comment (q.v. below), I googled "Mc vs. Mac."  I had always thought inclusion of the 'a' indicated Scottish origins while omitting it meant Irish.  According to each article I read, either prefix can denote either ethnicity.  Since my title requires it, the protagonists shall remain offspring of The Emerald Isle.


  1. Wow!! The Limericist appears to be on a roll! Each one of these really works. Very, very funny and clever.

  2. But wait...All these have Scotch names not Irish. What's up here???

  3. Hey Limericist, Even your commentary shows brilliance and wit. I stand corrected. It is good to be enlightened.