Saturday, April 23, 2016

PD222-226. Makes my 2000+ seem paltry

These were lifted from a website claiming to have 95,000 limericks!  I've chosen a few on movies, including authors.

Report on a flick starring Brad:
His acting - incredibly bad;
His lines - mainly dirty,
The ingenue - purty,
The sex scenes - completely unclad.

    --- Armand Singer

When his plane hit a storm and crash-landed,
Tom Hanks found that he had been stranded.
All signs pointed toward
Yet another award,
But the Oscars left him empty-handed.

    --- Anon

An underwear maker named Kurtz
Said, "One movie with Clark Gable hurts.
When he shows up bare chested,
It's clearly suggested
That he-men don't wear undershirts."

    --- A N Wilkins

Two critics called Ebert and Siskel
Are giants in film matters fiscal.
If they up their thumbs,
A huge audience comes,
If they down them, a movie may risk all.

    --- Prof M-G

Many Oscar results should be tossed --
The Academy must have been sauced.
Hoffman won the thing twice:
"Rain" and "Kramer", that's nice.
But it hurts that his "Tootsie" role lost.

    --- Larry Hollister


  1. Yes, but your 2,069 were all written by YOU. Love this site!

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