Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2070. Middle-East mashup

Though some people think it's absurd play
I love writing lim'ricks and wordplay
But when I'm in Iraq
I pull out my cock
And eschew any wordplay for Kurd play.

Besides limericks and puns, I like Spoonerisms.  Here's one I made up:

An arch├Žologist working in northern Iraq uncovered a large dinosaur skeleton.  As he was carefully brushing away the millions of years of dirt, two blue-eyed locals walked up. 

One of them said, "That fossil is on our land so we get credit for the discovery." 

"Oh, no,"
replied the scientist.  "I found it so I get the credit." 

The arguing grew more and more heated until, finally, the arch├Žologist grabbed one of the sizable ribs from the carcass and tried killing both the Iraqis with it. 

He succeeded in slaying one, but the other pulled a gun and killed the scientist, who obviously had forgotten that you can't still two Kurds with one bone.

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