Monday, April 4, 2016

2048. Epee back for his rapier wit

One afternoon, while feeling bored,
A fencer did something untoward
He chose his best foil
(Thought he'd be his own mohel)
And gored his poor dick with the sword.


  1. Thanks for the 2 new words, Wordsmith #2! (mohel and epee)

    Sorry, but as soon as I read your work of art above, it just instantaneously, spontaneously inspired me to write something similar. Forgive me while I ride your coattails...

    A Samurai with a machete
    Could sing some soprano libretti
    'Cause his former katana
    Had sliced his banana
    Lengthwise to form strands of spaghetti.

  2. Bravissima! That one's a keeper, Suz!
    I'm surprised 'epee' was new to you. It often appears in Xword puzzles.

    1. Thanks Maestro! It was so weird - I saw your verse, and mine just sprung out at me from between the lines. It came almost instantly. None of it would have materialized had I not seen yours.

      Epee! Who said I do crossword puzzles? I don't! I used to, but they got too boring for me, and if I figured out the horizontal words before the vertical ones, there was no point in looking up the meaning of the verticals, especially if 'epee' was one of them! Nah! I'm now into cryptograms, Sudoku, acrostics, rebus, Perquackey, Scattergories... if I ever find the time!