Saturday, November 16, 2013

PD98-103. Six clever classics

The god Thor told the whore he was with
Who he was, hence his great monolith.
She exclaimed, "You ARE Thor!",
When they got off the floor,
"I'm tho thore I don't think I can pith!"

An unfortunate lad from Madrid
Possessed both Super-Ego and Id,
So whether he screwed,
Or completely eschewed
He felt guilty, whatever he did.

A self-centered young fellow named Newcombe
Who seduced many girls but made few come
Said, "The pleasures of tail
Were ordained for the male.
I've had mine. Do I care whether you come?" 

A short-organed fellow named Kevin,
Used a vacuum to stretch it to seven.
Then to eight and to nine,
Thought ten was divine,
And there will be film at eleven...

A twitchy young bitch named O'Brien
Sighed, ”Joe, you just keep right on tryin'.
I'll leave you my card,
And when it gets hard
Please wire or drop me a line.

”Let's try it this new way,” said Jack
As he winked at the girl in the sack.
She turned and she grunted,
”I should be affronted,
But this time, I'm taken aback!”

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