Thursday, November 7, 2013

1185-1186. He is on it from boot to bonnet

2015 will mark 50 years since several of the guys in my Air Force squadron arrived at Randolph AFB outside San Antonio.  One of them, Mike McCabe, recently wrote that the 1952 MG-TD he bought and restored during that time has been garaged ever since he got married in 1970.  He says it needs some work but if he can get it running, he plans to drive it to our 50th Reunion!  I responded with

McCabe thinks that it would be keen
To party in 2015
And if it will shift, he
Will drive to our fifti-
eth in his TD -- what a scene!

I'll be there to share in the mirth
And to see who has gained the most girth
I'll make the long drive
Right down I-35
That is if I'm still on this earth.

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