Saturday, November 9, 2013

OP128. A Blue Ribbon Performance (in 34 seconds)

On TODAY I watched Roker and Lauer
Get a health check that makes most men cower.
    Matt’s own doc cracked crude jokes
    Then dispensed rectal pokes.
Why submit?  Prostate cancer is dour.

Live, on the November 7 TODAY Show telecast, a urologist administered digital rectal exams to hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker.  For more detail, read the first Comment.


  1. The much-ballyhooed exams were first discussed by NBC medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Dr. David Samadi, Matt Lauer's personal urologist, while Matt and Al waited nervously. Lauer and Samadi went through a door to an off-camera examination room, while a timer appeared on-screen, counting up thirty-four seconds before Doc Samadi returned. After Samadi uttered some tasteless humor about the size and number of fingers required for the procedure, Matt came back in to be quizzed. Then it was Roker's turn.

    My title refers to the ubiquitous "ribbons for a cause," in this case a light blue one signifying "Prostate Cancer Awareness."

    On his show later that evening, David Letterman delivered a zinger: "This wasn't Matt Lauer's first on-air procedure. Last year he had Ann Curry removed."

  2. Your (which rhymes with dour, but somehow 'dower' is now allowered) clever title made me think the upcoming "health check" might be a pabst smear.