Saturday, December 19, 2015

PD202-206. Disparate dames

A young porno star name of Sue
Was a hit when it came to a screw
Her climactic fame spread
With promotions that read,
"Coming Soon at a Theatre Near You”.

There was a young virgin named Lynn
Who thought getting fucked was a sin
At least, that's the ruse
She attempted to use
Only moments before giving in.

Timid Tim wed a virgin named Heather.
She was shy when they cuddled together
But the first time they stripped
He got hogtied and whipped
By a thigh-booted bitch in black leather!

A toothsome young starlet named Smart
Was asked to display oral art
As the price for a role.
She complied, met his goal
By sinking her teeth in the part.

Said a coed from Duke University
When asked about sexual diversity,
"Oh, screwing’s okay
In the old fashioned way,
But I do like a touch of perversity."


  1. They're silly and pretty straightforward
    Not "silly," but "clever's" the core word
    You've not come too close
    To disgusting or gross
    "Entertaining" - I'll add that one more word.

    And my, how your fans are so spoiled!
    On five stanzas you labored and toiled
    Oh, then you, like a snake
    Our weak wills overtake
    As your jewels you slyly uncoil.


    1. If I knew who they were, I'd happily forward your comments to those five versifiers (they're probably all different people) from the PUBLIC DOMAIN. I only get credit for the title.

    2. Hahahahaha! S.H. (the uneducated fool) is only now starting to realize what the heck PUBLIC DOMAIN stands for. Does that mean November's PD201 and PD199-200 were written by someone else? I learn something new every day (although at times I should have learned them at the times I needed to, which is always in the past tense, duh!)


  2. *uncoiled*
    (gotta learn the #$&?@X! edit feature!)


  3. Though enjoying your lim'ricks I've read
    I just can't get them out of my head
    Though my mem'ry's not poor
    I must read them once more
    From beginning to end
    Then I show ev'ry friend
    Showed my mum, she turned red
    Showed my daughter, who said,
    "Get a boyfriend, a room, and a bed."

    Yes I know... I'm a naughty girl for breaking limmie-writing rules, so your options are:
    -unseat me
    -scold me
    -delete me
    -withhold me
    -browbeat me
    -remold me
    -mistreat me
    -upfold me

    (wow, so many choices!)