Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1529. High hard one

A well-hung young pitcher named Moore
Hit the heads of two girls in Row 4
"Why is it you bean us?"
They said; "It's your penis
We come to these baseball games for."


  1. Yeah, I remember that kid Moore. He was known for his slider, spit-ball, and the screwgie he learned from Tug McGraw. His pitching coach was Dick Pole and his manager was Pete LaCock.

    [LaCock's real-life father (Pete LaCock, Sr.) had the good judgment to use the stage name of Peter Marshall when he hosted "The Hollywood Squares."]

  2. Junior's name served him well when he played 1st base for the Cubs and Royals in the 70's. Naturally, he was known as "stretch" Lacock.

    However, the greatest "sports" celebrity name of all time was that of NASCAR racer Dick Trickle.