Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OP144. Couldn't Finnish what he started

There once was a man from Helsinki
Who went to the bar for a drinki

He downed many a glass
And he picked up a lass

But he couldn't give rise to his dinki.


  1. That girl needed to try giving the guy a Lapp dance, or maybe a baltickle.

    David, that limerick was a sweet 'un. I love your rock 'em, stockholm style, and I'm bergen you, please, to keep posting them, if you should dane to do so. And where else can you find such a brutal Comments section where you can reykjavictims over the coals?

  2. I am laughing so hard, I am saabing.

  3. your comments are scandinavalous. there is norway we should be coming up with so many puns. way to tampere with scandinavian locales to your punning advantaage, throwing down the lillehammer. if we made this a contest, you guys would kick my vasteras.