Thursday, November 17, 2011

PD17-19. More canon fodder

Three more from the public domain.  "Louise" has always tickled me due to its absurdity.

There once was a couple named Kelly*
Who had to sleep belly to belly.
For in their mad haste,
They used library paste,
Instead of petroleum jelly.

  *(Also heard as  "There once was a couple from New Delhi" but that has poor rhythm.)

A lady with features cherubic
Was famed for her area pubic.
When they asked her its size
She replied in surprise,
"Are you speaking of square feet, or cubic?"

There once was a maid named Louise,
Whose cunt hair hung down to her knees.
The crabs 'round her twat
Tied it up in a knot
And fashioned a flying trapeze.

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