Sunday, May 21, 2017

2495. A peer from a seer

Should you move to the small town of Coalgate
I will bet I can tell you your whole fate
You will not find a job,

Be depressed and you'll sob,
Also have trouble finding a soul mate.

Pop. 1,931, with high unemployment.

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  1. Li'l brother "Okiejokey" says he's suddenly unable to make comments, following nearly six years in which he could! He emailed this for inclusion here:

    Yeah, it's been downhill for Coalgate since they closed HUDSON'S BIG COUNTRY STORE in 1991. Family owned from its opening in 1900 and in the same building since 1926, this old-time general store sold any and everything and was the first to market pre-packaged beans & rice. Up until the end they had a mechanical hobby horse a kid could ride for a penny.