Saturday, May 13, 2017

2487. Beggs the question, "Which girls?"

In the bucolic village of Beggs
Guys oft polish off kegs to the dregs
If they don't get too drunk
They enjoy spilling spunk
From their pegs stuck between a girl's legs.

Pop. 1,247


  1. Aha! I found five 'eggs' (or 'egs') hiding inside this limerick! That can only mean one thing - if they make contact with the 'spilling spunk' (also hiding within the confines of this limerick), then by next February, we should be seeing quintuplets!

  2. I learned that "why wait 'til a line's last word to make a rhyme?" technique from you, Suzanne.

    You are the undisputed master of the technique, so realize that imitation IS the sincerest form!

  3. Yes, I'm flattered, and I thank you from the bottom of my stockings! There are plenty of rules and tips I learned (in the past) from you, regarding proper limerick writing, and I thank you for that too, from the bottom of my... oh never mind, I'll just get myself in trouble!

  4. If that Beggs kid found out he'd fathered quints, would Dionne up to it?