Thursday, June 11, 2015

OP167-169. It comes in spurts

I am sorry I haven't been here
I've been watching, but did not appear
For my vocab seems vexed
When the subject is sex
I've arrived, though too sparsely, I fear.

Whether this means I'll write many more
And again be a limerick whore
We will just wait and see
If the impulse hits me
And I'm rarin' to go, as before.

Oh, I still have a limerick fetish
Which turns old ladies' cheeks rather reddish

And it's getting a rise
Out of some of the guys
While it's making the young women wettish.


  1. I see you've not grown rusty, Dave. You last posted 2/10 of this year and I've been wondering if your muse had left you. Obviously not -- this 15-liner is great!! Keep 'em coming.

  2. I just noticed and 'caught' your cute title, David. Sadly, mine does what's more akin to a drool these days... :)