Monday, October 6, 2014

1482-1487. Two days of bonding

I sent this to my classmates last night -- Ada, OK Class of 1964.
Well, I'll be a son of a gun!
Our reunion is over and done
To each gal and feller
I say, "It was stellar
To see you again.  Oh, what fun!"

How can it have been 50 years?
From what I observed, it appears
That we're all well-preserved
Leading lives well-deserved
For I saw mostly laughs and few tears.

Our committee planned things to the letter
How could it have gone any better?
Except for the lady
(I think her name's Sadie)
Who told me three times I had met her...

The food was fantastic each night
I don't think one person got tight
But I must confess
That I made quite a mess
Of keeping my wife in my sight.

I'd spot someone new and I'd walk
From her side as if off to go stalk!
I'm sure I was rude
But she knows when my brood
Is around me, I just have to talk!

You see, you are each very dear
Especially when you draw near
I pray for survival
'Til our next revival
Let’s do it again in one year!

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