Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1446. Prior to Nodding off

Before brother Cain broke the law
And killed Abel (which stuck in God's craw)
The two boys had much fun
With a girl, two on one,
Inventing le ménage à trois.


  1. Where'd the girl come from? The only female at that point in the biblical narrative is Eve, their mother.

  2. She came from the next imaginary garden over..

  3. Perhaps. But try telling that to a biblical literalist, there are more than you think. This limmie brought to mind a PD one I heard a while back.

    In the garden of Eden sat Adam
    Massaging the bust of his madam
    And it filled him with mirth
    For he knew that on earth
    There were only two boobs and he had 'em.