Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1120. Steep price to pay

While brewing the tea called Oolong
I did something terribly wrong...
Before it could cool
I chose a poor tool
To stir it, and blistered my dong.


  1. I just took another pekoe your opus, and belatedly "got" your title. S'blended work, my darjeeling.

    Say, if Budweiser is the "King of Beers," then Lipton must be Tea-Rex.

    1. Ok, Okie. I think there needs to be a rule that when someone puns as outstandingly as you did (above), any responses are barred from punning -- so I won't! "S'blended" and "Tea-Rex" are just over the moon!! I'm jealous.

      I'd wondered if my title should have read Steep(ed)... to help convey the joke, so I'm glad you got it.