Monday, August 19, 2013

1113. Tuba-lar bell

The title is a play on words.  Remember (click)  "The Exorcist" theme?
A musician who played the euphonium
Had his instrument plated with chromium
When he Handel'd or Bach'd
His playing got knocked
But his horn would receive an encomium.


  1. I'm surprised at the player's choice of plating material. One does not usually think of chromium as a bass metal.

  2. Must you bear-a-tone of negativity when you get invalved here, Okie? If this were Spain or Mexico, I'd say, "Alto!"

    Not sure I like your tenor but I'll let it slide this time. In the future, try to cause less treble in here.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Limericist, for voicing your opunion by taking a stab at SATB. I have mezzo few people with abilities like yours; in fact, most folks are adamantly contrapuntal and descant your talent.