Friday, August 9, 2013

1107. Tight fit for much else

A bishop with sports car of red
Finds that hot girls are easily led
To his Alfa Romeo,
Shouts, "Excelsis Deo!"
Each time that one gives him some head.

On 8/22/13, Okie-Jokey commented that my prelate might also like young men, precipitating this response from me...
Now his conquests aren't gender-specific
Also finds boys' asses terrific!

 (You'll note he eschews
Any cunts to abuse
Else his offspring would be quite prolific.)

And Dave Reddekopp posted this follow-up as OP118 on the same day.  Note how all 5 of his lines end with the same two rhyming syllables.  Unusual and well-played, Dave.
Whenever a boy would affect him
He took him in church to inject him
His unwilling victim
He stripped him and dicked him
And shot a full load in his rectum.


  1. Let's be more catholic (lower case "c" intended) in our approach. The driver might be our old friend, the Bishop of Birmingham; therefore, he could be soliciting the company of hot altar boys.

  2. That reminds me of a joke:

    How do you circumcise a priest?
    Punch the altar boy in the chin.