Saturday, August 12, 2017

2611. Best with liver and chianti

If you dream of a great cup of java
Don't grind it from beans known as 'fava.'
Your friends will deride
If you do.  Then you'll hide
From them, wearing a wool balaclava.

I had seen that final word but only recently learned what one is.


  1. Your state's climate is mild and quite pleasing
    Or that 'new' word would earn you a teasing
    This strange headware is sold
    Where the weather stays cold
    And your body gets old just from freezing!

    Although I live in the warmest part of Canada, the balaclava is a common head covering in our colder regions, especially in areas where winters are brutal or lengthy. Not too many people are keen on wearing it because it's stereotypically associated with burglars and bad guys, sometimes drawing scared reactions (or poking fun) from some people, but when workers are stuck having to work outside for a prolonged length of time in the cold, nobody cares; they all know it's a skin saver from potential frostbite.

  2. I'd seen the headwear --- even here in Okieland where we have several days each winter below freezing (and sometimes even below zero!) --- but I'd only heard it called a 'ski mask.'

    So.... I knew the word and I knew the item, just didn't know they went together.