Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OP139. In their element

Two chemists were not so methodic
In the way they made love - quite spasmodic
Anytime they were able
They had sex on the table
Except when she was periodic.


  1. Super title! I see that the dude abides in Canada... Helluva good limerick, too!

  2. The table those two chemists used must have been quite sturdy since I've always heard, "An ass set on a base gives assault plus wadder."

    They were just following their innate human chemical attractive forces described in the "Men to lay Eve" Principles.

    Their biological urge has been proved mathematically! I quote from Legman's "The Limerick," Number 1555:

    The mathematician Von Blecks
    Has devised an equation for sex.
    . Having proved a good f___
    . Isn't patience or l___
    But a function of Y over X.