Friday, June 21, 2013

1072-1073. Where has everyone gone?

Was something I said too offensive?
Are you whelmed 'cause this blog's so extensive?
My readership's down
So I'm wearing a frown
Do my limericks make you too pensive?

Well, sorry, I don't give a whit.
Furthermore, by god, I will not quit
Trying to be a fun writer
Appealing to brighter
Folks.  If that ain't you, well tough shit!


  1. Sorry...I've been here, but I haven't come up with any new ones for a couple weeks. I'll try and think some more up soon.

  2. Dave, you check in at least daily so my comments CERTAINLY aren't aimed at you! You're my staunchest supporter and you needn't apologize for not posting as many of late. You are greatly appreciated!!!

    Hell, my two brothers don't even check for new material more than about twice a week. I know this because my statcounter at the lower left of any page records the IP addresses of all visitors and I have 'labeled' around 45 different ones with folks' names (done after someone had told me they visited, and when) during the past 2 years.

    Of the others, I probably get fortnightly looks from a few but the other 30+ who used to check in never show up any more. I guess I need to accept the fact that there aren't many limmie-lovers out there -- or is it that mine aren't nearly as good as I think they are?