Saturday, February 23, 2013

956. Home on the strange

A rascal who lives way out west
Ignores his wife's fervent behest.
She pleads, "Please don't cheat"
But his brain's in his meat,
Finding strange is his regular quest.


  1. I'm sorry, Mr. Limericist, but I do not understand your final line. Are you using "strange" as a noun? If so, it is a quarky definition I do not know. (I would be charmed if you would explain it up and down and top to bottom.)

  2. What a sheltered life you've lived, Okie! Yes, it is a noun.
    "Strange" is universal(I thought!) guy language for first-time pussy, e.g., "I got some strange last night."
    How old are you, anyway? Fourteen?

  3. Thank you, Mr. Limericist. Hymen your debt for your virgin of useful sex education facks for me and my fellow fourteen-year-olds. I think I'll go pop a Corona (better than "getting a Dos" [Ickies!]) to celibate and to cherries the moment.