Sunday, July 31, 2011


Being new to this blogging stuff, I'm learning how the site works.  To make a comment, click on the grey or light blue wording -- "0 comments", "1 comment", etc. -- shown below each post.  A screen will then open where you can type your message.  If the link isn't zero, someone has already commented but you may certainly add yours, too.

An old high school buddy with handle "wanusp" was the first to do so.  You can read his initial comment (and my reply) under my first post, Start up Blog, all the way at the bottom of this blog.
I'm putting another follow-up to him here...

Not really a bite, but I nibbled
At Waynus P's rhyming of "ribald"
Please don't take it too hard
'Cause you still are my pard
And, in hindsight, I'm sorry I quibbled.

Good work, Wayne!

p.s.  He also commented under The Swimmer post.

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