Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1-2. Start up blog

I  enjoy all manner of word play.  At the urging of several friends, I've decided to share my talent with a broad audience.

Just built this blog site and hope to post at least one "fresh" limerick per day -- fresh not only meaning "new" but often lurid.

I will start out with two I composed on 7/24/11 and posted at NPR's "Marketplace Money" website. They had asked listeners to send in limericks regarding the Debt Ceiling crisis. They liked the two I submitted and on 7/26, called me and had me record them over the phone for airing on their 7/30 show. Here they are:

The Hill won't adjust the debt ceiling
Which engenders a real sinking feeling
If they do not act soon
The economy will swoon
And the Dow will go crashing and reeling.

There's no love 'tween Obama and Boehner
Frankly, I cannot tell who's insaner
"Raise the ceiling! Don't linger!"
Or else get the finger
This decision should be a no-brainer.

If you, too, have original limericks, feel free to post them. However, I am specifying up front that I reserve the right to delete limerick attempts which have improper meter, scansion, and/or poor rhymes. Either stick to the true limerick form or don't bother to "contribute."  Later on there may be a post re: how a limerick must be written in order to meet the test.


  1. a "clean one" to commemorate the site

    There once was a fellow named bill
    Whose limericks were written with skill
    A few were appalled
    with his words so ribald
    And belonged in the local land fill

  2. An excellent limerick, wanusp!

    I'd give you a full *** rating but for one minor problem -- "ribald" rhymes with dribbled, not with "appalled." (And it would be better if line 5 began with "They.") Still, your meter is perfect and that's a rarity.

    Your grade is 2½ stars! Thanks for commenting.

  3. picky..picky.picky
    thanks i enjoyed putting it together