Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PD145-150. Monstrosities

There once was a man named McNameter
Who was blessed with both length and diameter 

Now it wasn't his size
That gave girls surprise
But his rhythm: iambic pentameter

A young man maintained that his trigger
Was so big that there weren't any bigger.
But this long and thick pud
Was so heavy it could
Scarcely lift up its head.  It lacked vigor.

A newlywed bride, Mrs. Young,
Asked the doctor to fix her torn lung.
When asked how it ripped
She replied as she stripped,
"That man who I married is hung".

Said a thoughtful young stud from Brasilia
"One orgasm spasm will fill ya
I'll just let the rest
Gush out on your chest
If I shot it inside, it'd kill ya!

Viagra, to which I'm addicted,
Works better by far, than depicted.
It's gone from quite limp
To as big as a blimp
Which is more than my unaided dick did.

There once was a man from Far Rockaway
Who could skizzle a broad from a block away.
Once while taking a fuck,
Along came a truck
And knocked both his balls and his cock away.

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