Thursday, January 16, 2014

OP134. Gettin' Higgy with it

Though the general public may doze on
CERN's search for new particles goes on
Their scientist squadrons
Are all getting hadrons
Because they've discovered a boson.


  1. Outstanding one, Dave!! I love the title but must admit I read the limerick 4-5 times trying to find some reason you did it in red...

    I finally found it, though! Your anagram on 'hardons' eluded me for a good 5 minutes. (I guess I needed to be in the accelerated class.) But if you'd posted it in black I'd have never discovered that great pun!

    I salute you for working in all the nifty science stuff. And thanks to google, I got to lern about CERN. Keep 'em coming...

  2. The hadron is actually a class of subatomic particles. The main particle accelerator there is called the Large Hadron Collider. Kinda easy to make a dirty joke about, or in this case, a dirty limerick. Except hadron wasn't an easy word to rhyme.

    Also, there's the similarity of the word "boson" to "bosom". I got the inspiration from a meme that said "your bosons are giving me a hadron."

    You know how horny a nerdy guy gets when he sees boobies...

  3. Fears that experiments with the Large Hadron Collider could result in the destruction of the Earth have become a matter (or is it an antimatter?) of con-CERN. There are actually some idiot pro-Armageddon zealots who are rooting for this to happen by means of the unpredicted discovery of a new “See-God particle.”

    And finally, the beer preferred by those CERN nerds is Wolfgang Pauli Girl. They drink it only in quarks and to the exclusion, principally, of all others.