Sunday, January 12, 2014

1228. A middling response to OP133

While Fox News, I agree, has its messes
MSNBC, too, brings me stresses
Their liberal bent
Says, "Too little gets spent.
U.S. broke?  Hell, just turn on the presses."

1 comment:

  1. The problem has never been that too little gets spent. It's what it's spent on.

    Let's start with the military. The US military budget is higher than the combined total of the next, like, 13 countries on the list, most of which are allies and none of which are enemies. It could easily be cut in half, still be easily the best military in the world, and the money could be used for more worthwhile purposes.

    Perhaps the >$70B in tax revenue lost by not taxing the churches would help too. This shouldn't happen when the constitution makes it clear religion shouldn't be favored over non-religion.

    Whatever MSNBC's problems may be, their news network is more news and less spin than Fox News would ever hope to be.