Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2436-2438. Trashed by Trump

If in Beverly Hills, go to Spago
Try Bavette's Bar and Bœuf in Chicago
But for your non-food taste
I'd suggest, "Don't make haste
To see formerly fine Mar-a-Lago."

Built by Marjorie Merr'wether Post
(Who was rich but did not brag or boast.)
Now The Donald is struttin'
Down where E.F. Hutton
Joined Marge as a consummate host.

It's a playground for Trump and his cronies
To play golf and admire polo ponies
What they do in Palm Beach
Might be grounds to impeach
At a minimum, though, they're all phonies.

Ms. Post (middle name Merriwether) became the richest US woman after inheriting Post Cereals in 1914.  Her 2nd marriage in 1920 was to stock broker EF Hutton and together, they built Mar-a-Lago.  Their daughter, Nedenia, became actress Dina Merrill.

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