Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PD189-193. A mixed bag of oldies

I'll be offline until April 7 so enjoy these on a one-a-day basis

There was a young girl named McKnight
Who got drunk with her boyfriend one night
She came to in bed
With a split maidenhead --
That's the last time she ever was tight.

There was a young lady of Asia
Who had an odd kind of aphasia
She'd forget that her cunt
Was located in front
Which deprived her of most of the pleasure.

A certain young man of great gumption
'Mongst cannibals had the presumption
To go - but, alack!
He never came back.
They say 'twas a case of consumption.

There was a young harlot of Clyde
Whose doctor cut open her hide
He misplaced her stitches
And closed all her niches
She now does her work on the side.

A decrepit old gas man named Peter
Whilst hunting around for the meter
Touched a leak with his light;
He arose out of sight
And, as anyone can see by reading this, it also destroyed the meter.

1 comment:

  1. Your last offering about the decrepit old gas man appeared in my high school literature anthology's limerick section with other weak sisters and some bowdlerized dirty ones. I figured "Gas Man" was one of the latter or just stupid, and of course the instructor didn't bother (or know) to point out the play on the word meter.